Social Media Marketing


Social Media Marketing

Traditional media has one advantage that social media does not have.  Social media marketing does not have a natural disruption.  Think about how advertising works on TV.   The TV shows are designed to have a natural break in the story.  This break allows for advertising to be shown.

Social media on the other hand has no natural break.  It has to find a way of disrupting the conversation and inserting itself into the conversation.

So what can you do to make social media marketing work?

The first thing is to make it worth your customer’s time to share your stuff.  My wife follows a fashion label that puts up combinations of clothes.  A complete outfit based entirely on their stock.  Everyone that shares that post goes into the draw to win it, 250,000 likes later it costs them one outfit.

You can be entertaining.

There are many examples of how humour has sold.  In a social media context the most famous (for me anyway) is Will It Blend.  BlendTech makes blenders and they make videos of things being blended.  Like iPhones, cigarette lighters, broom handles pretty much anything they can fit in the blender.  The video that did it for me was when they blended an iPhone.  People had been queuing for days to get an iPhone.  These guys got one and fed it to a blender.

So think of how you can insert yourself into the conversation without being annoying.  You have to add something of value.  Perhaps even make the value transferable so people share what you have to say.

In the podcast I rattle off a few ideas and give a few extra examples.

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