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Why is marketing consistency so important?

Imagine that every morning the roads you travelled on had changed over night.  You had to figure out a new route every day.  Or that every time you went to buy a newspaper all the publications had changed their names.  The effort to learn a new thing on a daily basis would be exhausting.  So why would you present your potential customers with inconsistent messaging.  Why make it hard for them.

Marketing consistency means that your marketing message can be committed to your customer’s long term memory because it is not going to change.  Plus the easiest way to learn something is to repeat it over and over again.  If you are consistent you are presenting your customers with the same marketing message over and over again.  Therefore they will learn it and commit it to long term memory.  Getting your marketing into your customer’s memory is the holy grail of marketing.

I was visiting with Martin Marszal from Front Runner Learning Centres.  Martin was on episode one and discussed direct marketing.  Martin’s business Front Runner Learning Centres has one of the best uses of visual consistency I have ever seen.  They have a consistency in colour, form and style.  The imagery is so strong that variations of the artwork are still instantly recognisable as Front Runner Learning Centres.Marketing Consistency hall

This is the hallway leading to Martin’s office.  Look at the colours and the use of the shapes.

This is a picture of the website, again look at the colours and use of shape.

Marketing Consistency webMartin has even had custom iPad covers made for each of the teachers.  Everything in the organisation uses this look and feel.  This is a strong visual queue for potential customers.

The other important aspect is that it manages to be child friendly but in a way that parents still see as serious.

Here is an exercise for you to check your marketing consistency.  Get five pieces of your marketing.  Business card, website, flyer, van signage etc.  Now look at them for differences.  That’s right differences.  Customers see differences in visuals and assume it is a separate business.  As humans we have evolved looking for differences so we can tell the good berry from the poison berry.

Next is the imagery acceptable to your customers.  Is it what they expect to see?  Is it using a palette of colours that has meaning for them?  Here is a link to a podcast and blog about the meaning of colour.  If you are not using images and colours your customers expect it will be jarring and not accepted.  It can be brand damaging

Remove the differences and build on what you have.  Once you have a look and feel don’t use anything different unless you are willing to make that change everywhere.

Remember to tell me what you think.  Next in the consistency series is messaging.

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