So how do you build a community?

Everyone talks about build a community as if it is as easy as setting up a Facebook account.  They tell you all the benefits of having a million followers and how these people will be promoting your business.  But why would your community do that?  What is in it for them?

Create great content that your community wants.

The next person that say create great content you have my permission to run over.  Tell someone to create great content and then not defining what is great content is pointless.  It is like saying; write some songs form a band and do a world tour.

 Walk parallel to your customers

Find related topics to your business and create content around that.  For instance this blog and podcast is about marketing for small business.  Ask Find Buy sponsors this blog and podcast because small business is their target audience.  If you are landscaping you can blog about the urban environment.   This shows your understanding of plants as well as the urban landscape.  You can throw in the occasional HOW TO post.  These are always popular and get shared.

 Join a larger community.

Think of a party.  You are there talking to all types of people.  You are interacting and being faithful to the culture of the party.  Then suddenly someone tells you they have a friend that needs a landscape gardener.  If you are active in a community you can become the go to person in that community.

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Regards Craig

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Craig is the host of the "Making Business and Sale Work" podcast, founder of Ask Find Buy and head of Griffiths Creative.Craig Griffiths is a writer, podcaster and is passionate about helping small business establish marketing strategies that become part of day to day operations.Small business can leverage all the tools and techniques of big business when it comes to marketing. Budgets are now well in the reach of any small business. The methods are the same and the results can be staggering.

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