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What the hell is a Batfeck

Social media coined “Batfleck” within a few minutes of the announcement that Ben Affleck was going to play Batman.  So what does that have to do with your small business?

Well the fans of the Batman franchise have had an expectation that joseph gordon-levitt was going to continue as Batman.  So to put Ben in was to break the contract with the customers, the fans of the shows.

So you want to expand your product range or introduce a new service.  Well it has to be contained in the boundaries of your customer’s expectations.  If you go off brand you will be punished.  Customers will desert you and your existing brand will be damaged.

I hear you doubt that last statement.  People have an understanding of your business.  They have come to rely on that understanding.  So if you do something that contradicts that understanding, they don’t question themselves.  They blame you for being unreliable.

So back to Batfleck.

Why the backlash?  Ben is a good actor, some may even say a great actor.  But Ben is not what people were expecting.  People had set up an expectation that someone in their choice range would play the character of Batman.  By choosing Ben the fans felt the franchise had become unpredictable and therefore unreliable.  Since that could not rely on he franchise a sense of betrayal (strong words perhaps) or disappointment followed.

So how could they have handled it.  They could have set up the expectation that they were going off cast for Batman.  That the Superman/Batman movie was going to be a stand alone exercise.  Develop some hype around the announcement.  In this way they would have moved the Batman character into a new category.  The same way that Toyota used Lexus to attack the prestige car market.  A new brand for a new category.


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