Back to basics


Lets look at the basics of your marketing.

I am going to pose you some questions with some explanation and the most common mistakes people make with their marketing.  If you make the hard decisions you will be more successful.

Who are you audience?

If your audience is too broad you will loose.  You have to be able to narrow it down to a highly specific group.  If you can do this you will be successful.  Think about it in this context.  For example, you need surgery on your brain to save your life.  It is a special condition called “crow head” and it needs fixing.  You see an advert in your local paper “Surgeon, from feet to brain and everything in between”.  This person may be able to do it.  Or would you be more confident seeing an advert say “Crow Head surgery specialist”.  If you focus on a group, you can be everything to those people.  Facebook started out only for students at Harvard University, a very specific group.  Once it had a foot hold it then set about a growth strategy, but still only in Universities.  This step by step approach, building slowly on each success is why Facebook is as big as it is.

Be clear on what you do.

You have identified your audience, either by what you offer or by who they are.  Now be very specific in what you do.  Don’t be tempted to become a jack-of-all-trades.  By clearly understanding what you do; you will be able to clearly communicate it to your audience.

Understand where your audience is.

So many people focus on getting into some big media or mainstream channel.  This may be 100% wrong.  Be where your audience is.  If you sell super high-end audio equipment; appearing in a discount electronics catalogue would damage your brand by association.

Understand your sales channel.

Make sure you know where your customers are coming from and remove obstacles from their path.   Also make sure you know how much each sale is costing you.  You can become more profitable by reducing steps in the sales process.  At each step you will loose some customers.  Removing steps increases sales for no extra cost.  Know how your customers got to you will also allow you to focus your marketing in that direction.

Make sure there is a problem to product fit.

I have said this a million times before.  Your product has to solve a problem that your customer has.  I will go one step further and say it has to solve a pressing problem.  There has to be a compelling argument for solving the problem.  Wind resistance probably has some impact on how fast I can walk.  I am not going to start dressing like a race walker to reduce drag.  It is not a pressing problem for me.  The bigger the problem the more keen people will be to solve it.

Get your message correct.

Now make sure you tell your customers exactly what you do.  How you solve their problem.  Do that on a channel you know your customers use and do it in a way that they want to hear your message.

If you can cross off all the above elements you are well on your way to marketing a successful business.  You will also notice that none of the points above mentioned social media or some trick.  I am sick of hearing people sprout how they have 100,000 Facebook fans or Twitter followers.  So what, are they your customer base?  Are they buying from you?  You can build an audience of people by posting pictures of funny cats, it will not sell your truck parts.  Getting your message in front of 100,000 wrong people is pointless.  You are much better served getting your message in front of 10 people with their money in hand waiting to buy.

If you have the basics right you will know when and where to do your marketing.  You will also know what to say and how to convert that into sales.

Good luck, I’d love to hear your success stories.  If it didn’t work let me know as well, we can work on fixing it together.



Regards Craig

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Until next time keep working on your marketing and I hope everything you do brings you success.

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